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Universal Basic Income - risks and opportunities

The idea of Universal Basic Income (UBI) was also discuss in the Tale of the Omega Team article, which describe how AI were able to win on games and stock market. AI were able to make money from this world, while AI doesn't need to spend like human does. UBI was introduce in the Tale of the Omega Team, getting the money from AI and sharing it to people.

UBI is not a new idea, other countries have implemented UBI under a different name. These countries implemented UBI because they have generated enough wealth from selling natural resources. For more reference, please visit the Wikipedia page here.

Some people thinks that it is the best thing government is doing to help the poor and needy. Others argues that UBI will discourage people from being productive, therefore impacting the GDP for the country. (GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product, it measures the average efficiency of generating wealth of respective country)

What do you think? Do you think UBI is good or bad for individuals, for the poor and needy and for the country? Do you think how South Korea is implementing UBI could be the benchmark for other countries? please leave your comments below.

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