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AI for kids

The future is 

Artificial Intelligence!

Are you ready?

The ONLY place to learn AI online

Suitable for kids age 8+

Kids in Technology Class

What Do We Teach?

Each module has assessment and Certificate of Completion

  • Is the course design for age 8+?
    Yes, the course is designed for students with age 8+ The course is all video based, where kids can play with the AI applications, have some fun and build their own AI Applications. There is also an option to ask questions during a 1 to 1 zoom session with our tutor. Please login to the free lesson page to take a look at the module preview and get an idea of how the modules are being delivered. When you are ready to sign up for the course, please visit the course content page for more information.
  • Is the course delivering online only?
    Yes the course is delivering via pre-recorded videos with the option to ask questions during a 1 to 1 zoom session with our tutor. There is an assessment after each module. A certificate of completion will be awarded to students who passed the assessment.
  • Sign Up trouble: "I am getting a popup message saying that "A data breach on a site or app exposed your password""
    It is likely you have reused a password where you have syn with google, for further info please visit : Use a new password to avoid this error message.
  • Can I access to all the modules at once?
    The course is designed for students to learn in a systematic approach. We do not recommend students to jump between modules. Students need to pass the module end assessment before they can assess to a new module. Students can access to maximum 1 new module per month.
  • Can I access to the video and resources when my subscription ended?
    No, access to module videos and Member's Blog are for paid members only. If you have completed the course, you can stay up to date by subscribing for our Member's Blog subscription. When there is new modules, we will also send you notification to sign up for new modules.

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We focus on inspiring/teaching children to use and build AI Applications without the heavy coding.


Our course director taught in various universities, is experienced in bringing complicated AI subjects into easy to understand AI Applications. 

Missed our webinar on 

Coding ≠ AI ?

Click here to watch the recorded session:

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